Friday, January 13, 2012

magic marker tattoos

because i’m obsessed with photobooth today, i drew terribly on my arm like a 5 year old and took pictures. so these are the tattoos i want expertly laid out in magic marker and drawn upside down from my perspective hence the wonkiness.

i’ve been thinking of the frame for a really long time and it finally all came together last week. so there’s this book called bird by bird and in it the author says that she keeps a 1” picture frame by her desk to remind her that all she has to do is write as much as it takes to fill the frame. it encourages her to just write enough to describe what she’d see in the tiny tiny frame, even if writing is the last thing she wants to do when she sits down.

i’ve been scouring the internet for a square frame that i love, and i couldn’t even find any that i like. drawing one wasn’t working either. i thought about getting a polaroid, but it just seems pretentious and internet-y to me. last week i was in bed and i couldn’t sleep and the fevers and mirrors album art was in my head and it just clicked. i knew there were rectangular frames in the liner art so i googled the image so i wouldn’t wake up dan by getting up and getting my cd and it’s exactly what i’ve been looking for. combine bird by bird meaning with the lyrics from the big picture, and it’s perfect for me.

the lion is a picture based on aslan from narnia that i drew earlier today, but this time it's on my skin and drawn upsidedown and smudgy with gross markers.

i’m really into this idea of getting a tattoo of a lion on my upper arm because my parents are both leos and they’re courageous and loyal and i love lions and aslan from narnia, even though i’m an atheist and he’s supposed to be jesus for babies, but he was so badass. i’m also in love with these staedtler watercolour pencils laura gave me. next time im near michaels, i’m totally going to buy a full set because i’m really missing the colours brown, dark green and black.


  1. Lets go get tattoos together! I'm dying to start my half sleeve! Friendly bad-ass adventures!

    1. end of february maybe?! let's bring becca and my sister too! TATTOO PARTY!