Sunday, October 30, 2011

i bought this shirt from the sale rack at work because it was too ugly not to. it’s a legit old lady shirt with shoulder pads and even original store tags because it’s even too ugly for old ladies. it’s impossible to take a good (photobooth) picture of it in all of its anti-glory. it just makes me look 40lbs heavier. PERFECT SUNDAY SHIRT.

today is one of those days that i’m envious of people who live in a 5km radius of downtown because there’s a pretty neat halloween bazaar going on today and it’d be cute to ride my bike there with a pretty dress on and buy nice things, but alas, i’m in forest glade and i’m not riding my bike that far.

the tree in front of my house has lost about 70% of its leaves and it makes me sad. i never really get to see it in the day light because of my working forever, so i missed out on its nice colours. there aren’t any nice trees in my part of little italy, as far as i can tell.

i want to make some mix cds today and drink cappuccino and eat poptarts and do something with a pumpkin. we never get pumpkins until the 30th or later. i don’t know what’s up with that.

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