Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood

i work in a thrift store, so i'm always finding cute things that are my style for incredibly cheap. i found this amazing red (kids size) jacket in the backroom (where we wash, dry, tag and price things before they go on the floor) and i knew i had to have it. it's slightly too small (the button area rides up a bit due to my feminine adult body ahem) but i still love it and wear it all the time. i knew it'd be perfect for halloween too! i've been thinking of being little red riding hood since the day i bought it, and now that my hair is long enough for braids that poke out of the hood, the costume can totally work.

a few days ago, my store had a 50% sale. i worked both days of the sale (9:30 until 6), so i barely had time to buy things myself. on the last day, i spent two hours going through the racks (especially the $4.99 dress rack [$4.99 BEFORE the 50% off!!!]), trying things on and ringing out. i spent entirely wayyyy too much money, but i did some math when i got home to justify my spending. basically, if each item i bought was being sold at an original non-50% off discounted price of say $25 each, my total bill would have been $900 before tax. i only spent $110 after tax, so i feel really good about my purchases :D i ended up getting 11 dresses, i think 5 skirts, 3 pairs of jeans (i've only ever bought ONE pair of jeans in my life! i hate jean shopping because they tend to only make jeans for 5'8" tall women, and i'm much shorter than that. i found a pair of size 5 Garage jeans at work for $4.50 after the 50% discount and they fit SO good. they don't even touch the ground. this is unheard of!).

anyway, i was just taking pictures of my red coat for my cousin natalie, and i tried on one of my dresses with it, just to see how it looks. i think it works as a little red riding hood outfit too! i love finding halloween costumes in my own wardrobe : )

here are some photobooth pictures:

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